• wordpress site development distribution alcohol

    Conkling Distributing Liquor B2B WordPress Website

    Atwoodz is proud to launch Conkling Distributing WordPress website. Based out of Yankton, South Dakota, Conkling contacted Atwoodz to build a site that would have an online catalog with easy update features and cater to a Business to Business Beer and Liquor clientele. Atwoodz proposed developing the website on the WordPress platform with WooCommerce as the […]

  • EASW Magento ecommerce developer

    EASW.com goes to Magento

    One of our long time clients, Embroidery And Screen Works who have been on the modified osCommerce platform that we customized for them for years, needed a new solution that would give them a better experience for their end users. They also needed a solution that would give them a central admin area that managed the […]

  • Streamlining

    “Atwoodz, Inc. built a website for our business that streamlined our online table reservation process, eliminating costly over bookings and the extra time required to re-enter customer information.  The Atwoodz system also now allows us to take reservations when there is no staff on hand to do so, making our vision a reality.” – Blondies […]

  • What Is On-Page Optimization Anyway?

    What Is On-Page Optimization Anyway? In the early days of public Internet access, few knew the enormity it would become. .com sites popped up like wildfire, offering everything from coupon clipping services to instant mail- e-mail! This revolution took the world by storm and streamlined the way everything was done around the globe. It created […]

  • What is Off Page Search Engine Optimization?

    First, off-page search engine optimization is activity which occurs outside of your website, on the Internet, that improves search engine results page (SERP) placement. The concept is simple, but the implementation can be lengthy and overwhelming.   Essential practices for off-page optimization include developing quality links to your site through article marketing, directory submission, social media, […]

  • Atwoodz – Made in the USA

    As we state on all our products and services, everything done by Atwoodz, Inc. is done right here in Las Vegas, NV USA. Here is a photo taken by A.J. over the west side of Vegas, with our office marked by a red arrow and the strip in the background. The areal photography was made […]

  • Atwoodz Booth at the 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

    Atwoodz, Inc. was proud to have their first booth at the 2011 Las Vegas Chamber of CommerceBusiness Expo, this past Wednesday the 22nd of June. Overall we were pleased with the outcome and the attention that we received at the Expo. The Chamber estimated a little over 1000 attendees were there. We were giving away […]

  • Atwoodz, Inc. is hiring Senior PHP programmers

    Atwoodz, Inc. is offering employment opportunities to local Las Vegas residence, or those who are willing to move to Las Vegas for the great weather and low cost of living. The positions are full time here in our office Monday – Friday 9am to 6pm. We have competitive rates as well as some of the […]

  • Bethel Nutritional Consulting, Inc.

    On a more successful hunting trip to New Jersey (where I am originally from) I was able to swing into New York City for a New York minute and visit Bethel Nutritional Consulting and sit with Kariny (V.P.), one of our more recent client. With Bethel’s site, we created a custom Ship Rush module that […]

  • Article from Website Magazine – “E-Commerce Software in Action”

    This is an article stressing the importance and need of e-commerce software taken from Website Magazine’s May 2010 issue. Of course, we have had these points well addressed for the past couple of years, but just to reiterate what we have been preaching for years…… And don’t forget www.ezosc.com. E-Commerce Software in Action, by Peter […]

  • Shopping Cart Software – You Get What You Pay For

    This is going to seem just like the previous article on hosting your site. But here is another error people make when running their online businesses….. Shopping Cart software. They spend a ton of time trying to make their site work with free software and expect to have money flowing in. Not gonna happen and here’s why……

    The time people spend on developing software just gets it out the door. The effort that people spend on getting software to be applicable to a business takes a lot of time and money in order to make the software work. It takes communication with the a vast amount of ebusinesses that are diverse in their products, services and operations. It takes a team to create the software that is committed to constant revisions in the programming and a team that lacks an ego (very hard to find). And finally it takes a commitment to success that will post a challenge to the bottom line that you have worked for in the aforementioned points. That just so happens to be our mission statement and the thesis of this article.

    There is a cost to all these operating expenses and to keep the software up to date…… and get this BUG FREE, you need to have revenue coming in the door, just like your client’s stores. This of it all this way; if you are not in the business model of making money, how do you expect to make a business software that makes your clients money?

    Let’s take a look of some of the software that is out there.

    osCommerce – Yes osCommerce is everywhere. It is the basis of ZenCart, CubeCart, C.R.E. Loaded, XCart, Magento, OSMax, and the list goes on. Some of this software you pay for, which is great! Others are for free and are nothings but problems for what they promise and how they falls short of their expectations. osCommerce is on hosting packages as a free install and there are a plenty of people out there pushing it on their clients as if it is easy to modify without an idea of programming. Without proper knowledge of programming the store isn’t going to give you the edge over your competition and the aesthetics of the site will make your delivery in the way of images and site layout look horrendous.

    osCMax – If you want to host it somewhere else, good luck. It is free software, just as long as you host it with their company. So you are stuck. As a business owner you want options, and that just eliminates a major ability to more, if you are unhappy with your store and want to go somewhere else.

    Magento – Extremely heavy and ridden with bugs. We do repairs on their store, upgrades, and additions with contributions. And it is a huge headache to get any of it done. The one thing that stands out is that it takes forever to test the store due to the load time, due to the heavy and cumbersome software. What does this all equal? More down time, because your store isn’t functioning for a longer period of time, which means that you are not making money. More money now has to be spent to fix that problems and get them corrected, and you will spend more money on the corrections, rather than have a working right from the start. This is software that boast a ton of features, but what good are they if the software does not work.

    Now that you have an idea of what to look for in online shopping cart software, take a look around, see who answers the phone at the programming companies for the software, what options you have, and the reviews on the software.