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Atwoodz is proud to launch Conkling Distributing WordPress website.

Based out of Yankton, South Dakota, Conkling contacted Atwoodz to build a site that would have an online catalog with easy update features and cater to a Business to Business Beer and Liquor clientele. Atwoodz proposed developing the website on the WordPress platform with WooCommerce as the catalog without the buy buttons to solve the catalog issue and the innate blog properties of WordPress work great for their News and Events for Conkling’s large involvement in the community.

The site’s ease of use allows for Conkling to update the information in not just the ever changing catalog and events area, but also in the informational pages of the site to adjust to their seasonal product purchasing. The site also has a great ability to be indexed by the search engines, so within a few months from launch the new domain and site has taken off. New customers will contact Conkling looking to see if they can distribute their products, distribute products to them that are already on the site, and general inquiries about their business’ regional distribution.

Whether you are looking for just a simple web presence with an edge over your competition, or a full blown software application to run your business, to an ecommerce solution, call Atwoodz today for a free consultation 702.453.3332.

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