Google Privacy Changes in Affect

In March, there will be a serious update to the Google privacy policy! Is this good or bad? We aren’t sure and we know many of you aren’t either. We’ve decided to read the entire new privacy statement and give you the Cliff Notes version.

What you need to know:

  • Google collects and keeps ALL information you give them when you sign up. If you type it in or upload it; it’s theirs. This means pictures, credit card info, telephone number, address, etc.
  • Google collects data about websites you visit, how you browse the website, how much time you spend there and what you do while you’re there.
  • Google collects information from your phone or computer like its operating system and your network, IP address; and, yes this includes your phone number.
  • Google Collects information from every Google related service you use, and everything you do, ANY phone number you put in, anywhere you do it from (IP address), time and dates of calls or queries, and ALL associated information with them.
  • If you decide to use Google maps, Google will access your phone location and information.
  • Google uses “cookies” to collect all the information when you visit any Google service and any Google linked partner.

Okay, so this is the super abbreviated version, as you can see its pretty standard. This new policy is really just a more understandable way of re-writing the old policy. In this day and age, we should all be aware that any information you provide to any search engine is probably being tracked or monitored in some way and will be used for learning what can be done to improve services and offer users more relevant search results.

So, there is our summary of the new Google policy with different easier to understand language.  Need more information? Check out the entire new Google policy here.

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