Marketing Consulting

Maximise Your ROI (Return on Investment)

We’re a research-driven marketing consulting firm that takes a scientific approach to marketing strategy development, planning, and implementation to help you identify the most profitable strategies, marketing plans, and programs.

If you want to build a great brand and legendary business, you need to carefully balance intuition and creativity with rigorous analysis of unimpeachable marketing research data. You can bridge the gap between research and strategic and creative decision-making with…

  • Marketing research–world-class qualitative and quantitative research, particularly market segmentation that gives you growth-oriented insights.
  • Marketing modeling–state-of-the-science, profit-focused modeling that offers you invaluable information about the financial impact of different marketing decisions.
  • Marketing consulting–continuously filtering what the statistics say through managerial, statistical, and financial criteria to provide you with relevant and doable action steps.

In short, we give you performance-driven information and recommendations that direct you to the most profitable strategies, marketing plans, and programs. Our state-of-the-science tools and innovative techniques empower you to make the highest return marketing decisions. You can rest assured we–from senior partners on down–work closely with you to ensure your investment in a Copernicus Marketing Consulting engagement yields actionable and impactful results.

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Video Production Services

Atwoodz, Inc. has partnered with local and nation video production companies to bring you high quality video production services. For more information call Atwoodz directly at 702.453.3332