New Busso Music Magento 2 Website

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The online accordion hub Busso Music has upgraded to Magento 2.0 with a hit-the-ground-running new store. Even with the brand change to Ernest Deffner hasn’t stopped the online sales from rolling it either. Atwoodz LLC strategized with the internet’s accordion source to bring a much needed facelift to the accordion purchase experience with sheet music, parts, accordion shoulder straps, and all the other necessities needed to get your accordion up and running. We also added all the resources any musician looking for accordions and other relative musical instruments to find on this online shopping system.

The new system features the standard responsive multi device layout to insure that all your visitors get to see the site in the best way on their phone, tabet, or desktop. The one-page-checkout speeds up the most important process – the checkout and the capture of customer funds in a safe and secure environment that is native to the Magento shopping cart platform. The old Busso Music site didn’t have much competition on the web, so the lack of SEO friendly URLs didn’t hurt the site 15 years ago when it was first launched, but with all the content and sites out there now, the new site with the new system needed the product orientated URLs. The Magento system and the deployment of the URLs by Atwoodz allowed for the site to be indexed immediately with some Google Search Console submissions and the sales started rolling in immediately – even with a new brand and URL structure.

The new brand definitely posed some problems for us, but with the proper 301 redirects and planning around the site launch with timely Google index submissions, Atwoodz was able to successfully pull off the domain change transition as smooth as possible. By monitoring the Google Analytics of the site, we have watched a steady climb in site traffic in the past 3 months since the site was launched.

The overall shopping experience has been simplified with the Atwoodz shopping experience mantra – “Less clicks to make a payment is best.” So with the one-page-checkout and easy to add to cart buttons, making a purchase on is even easier than before. We have noticed an uptick in single product purchases from the old site user experience with this new feature. This navigated the online customer to the checkout page that is extremely streamlined in comparison to the old system with what seemed a never ending checkout process.

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