PayPal IPN & API Changes

PayPal IPN & API Changes that may effect you.  Please read below and let us know if you need any assistance in upgrading / configuring your PayPal client to work with their new updates.

We’ve let you know many times over the past few months that we have been making upgrades to our system to help improve the performance and availability of our services. We have scheduled a few more activities which will help make our services more scalable and ensure that they’re continuously available to our growing customer base, particularly as we near the holiday shopping season.

Please be sure to share this notification with your technical resources because network configuration changes may be necessary to avoid a disruption in service. Please note that there is also information regarding a short service interruption for Payflow on October 1st.

Date Impact Description  Customers and Products Impacted IMPORTANT — Action Required
9/29 IP Address Expansion 

PayPal Notification:


IPN Customers who have their IPN Listener script behind their firewall with hard-coding of IP Addresses or use of Access Control List management of IP addresses To avoid an interruption in IPN support, customer must either:Continue to post back to https://www.paypal.comand update access control list to allow outbound access to ANY IP address for the servers that host our IPN script.OR

Modify the IPN script to post back IPNs to the newly created URL using HTTPS (port 443) and update firewall access control list rules to allow outbound access to the IP ranges

10/1 Server upgrade that requires 3 minutes of downtime starting between 11 PM PDT — 11:05 PM PDT for Payflow Gateway customersPayPal Notification:

Customers using Payflow Pro, Payflow Link, V2 Payflow, Websites Payments Pro (3.0) using Gateway credentials and Website Payments Pro Payflow Edition (2.0) For impacted transactions that are not reattempted due to the connection being unavailable, the API calls would need to be resubmitted for processing.
11/15 IP Address ExpansionPayPal Notification:


API Customers, including Express Checkout, Websites Payments Pro (3.0) and Website Payments Pro Payflow Edition (2.0), who either hard code outbound IP addresses or use an Access Control List. You must either point to DNS or update access control list with newly added IP addresses to avoid an interruption in service. While these changes must be made by early March, 2012, we strongly encourage you to make any necessary updates by November 15th 2011 as this will help minimize any potential disruptions during the holiday season.

If you experience communication or transaction processing issues outside of the scheduled maintenance times above, you can file a ticket via For your reference, there’s information about all of our maintenance activities and system updates at, then go to: PayPal Developers àDocumentation & Tools à Site Status.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve our services and apologize in advance for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please click “Contact Us” at the bottom of any PayPal page.