Server Installation

Keep Your Systems Running

Whether you need a server solution or maintenance and repairs on existing server(s), Atwoodz, Inc. will deliver the ideal environment and hardware to keep your system running at the most effective it can run.

With installing a new server, we will research and communicate with the software or development company that you are being provided the application from and improve upon their recommendations with an extremely cost effective server solution. Seldom do software companies give you the right specifications in their documentation, due to the updates and patches that go along with their applications. Keeping this in mind, we open a dialogue with them to find out what problems and solutions they have to keep your new server system up and running with no slow or down time.

Server Repair

Repairing servers is a bit more difficult than installing new servers, with new components, so the process must be handled with more care. Different factors come into the picture with outdated or discontinued parts, as well as compatibility issues with the old and new hardware. We will use a huge pool of resources that we have accumulated of them years and get your old server system running like new without a hitch.