Total Eclipse Website SEO and Conversion Revamp

Like most website owners, you have been approached by tons of SEO companies promising to increase traffic to your website, but how many talk to you about strategy and revenue? When making a choice of how to spend your marketing dollars, it is easy to be convinced to sign a contract with a SEO marketing company showing you past customer results. But after the money is spent and the content is applied to the site, do you see an increase in sales? That rarely is the metric with SEO companies, and with Total Eclipse Las Vegas window tinting – a long time Atwoodz client – the SEO company that was consistently adding content to the site, stopped and redesigned the site. The issue was that they are not a design company, so Atwoodz redesigned the site based on the company’s product, services and 20 plus years of experience. The path to this simple solution was pretty straight forward – Strategy.

Las Vegas NV Tint SEO improvement

The SEO company had some good general ideas out of the gate, but lacked the business experience and understanding of a desert tint company to make a sustained mark in the Google rankings. As the SEO company’s general solutions took hold, they increased the new domain and site traffic to a certain point when the site was being ranked on the first two pages of Google, but for low hanging keywords that never generated any calls or contact form submissions. So the SEO company did what any company would do when their methodology doesn’t work – something that they are not well versed in…. They redesigned the site with the look and feel of Wikipedia – just very general and unattractive. So the site started to tank in the way of traffic and phone and form conversions.

A quick look into Google Search Console and the posting of the site’s article dates gave all the insight that Atwoodz and the client needed to reel the SEO company in and then hold them accountable for their shortcomings. They applied all the monthly fees to the site redesign and stopped creating the generic articles, which were actually bringing some general traffic to the site, but a far cry from the rich traffic that the client’s self-managed Pay-Per-Click campaign was bringing the client.

So with the issues being identified, Atwoodz then started a strategy campaign based on what will yield the best results, the soonest. We automatically changed the site’s colors to the company’s colors, added call to actions everywhere, photos that actually pertained to the content on the page, listed reputable clients and their logos, as well as a list of other aesthetic features to give the users that just visited the site some confidence in the company, that the generic design and bland user experience made the client’s site look just like some referral site. From there, we added call to actions everywhere the future customer would be looking at the site, plenty of content that was much more precise in what the client does and locally targeted content as well that pertained to the desert and the unique values that the customer was looking for, rather than the generic content the SEO company has used that really didn’t pertain to the Las Vegas market. These are also tell tale signs that the actual article writers were most likely overseas – that and the fact that it took them so long to come up with answers when we did reach out to their local representative. When content is created overseas, you also run into the issue that the content really doesn’t trigger any relatable information from Americans. We are very unique in the way we think and shop, so if it is not carefully crafted overseas and then checked, it could be totally content that has zero pertinence to the site’s potential target audience – which was pretty close to the case here.

NV Tint SEO improvement old design

You can see with the old SEO company’s design there is no color and the house is not a house found in Las Vegas. So there is nothing appealing or relative to a Las Vegas Consumer.

With this being identified, Atwoodz also gave the client a list of SEO companies that were local to the client’s market that could create content that was exactly what the client needed from their own target market. New content was created for the site to replace the generic unconverting content, as well as the future articles for the blog to keep active content flowing to the site were then strategized for certain times of year and then the different types of applications that were unique to the desert metro area that services.

In order to keep that content flowing no matter what any third party marketing company produced and/or didn’t produce, Atwoodz also created an internal mission and structure for Total Eclipse that keep their social and on site content fresh with all the current and completed jobs that the company had in their resume. With a simple breakdown and even simpler instructions, Atwoodz was able to provide a fail safe for the client to keep traffic and engagement at its peak, no matter what happens with any third party marketing company for a brief period.

After applying these strategic triage measures and future strategic marketing policies, Atwoodz and Total Eclipse were able to stop the downward direction of visits, with now an uptick in visits in the client’s slow season, and most importantly get an immediate uptick in conversions when users/potential customers visited the site. A simple outside of the box view – and a priceless amount of web business experience was all that was needed in order to stop a potential crash in total web revenue for Total Eclipse.

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