USPS API UPDATE from July 28th, 2013

USPS API Update from July 28th, 2013!

The recent USPS API Update has severely affected many eCommerce websites. Atwoodz has been the first to release a working USPS Module that works with the new changes.

USPS Update: Who’s Affected

The USPS API update has affected any website that uses a call-out to USPS during their checkout using the USPS API. If your website using USPS as one of their shipping providers, it will freeze up or cause an error during the checkout. We have been seeing osCommerce, Zen Cart, Magento, PrestaShop, Open Cart, CREloaded, and many other shopping carts affected. If you have USPS or you think your website is affected, call (800)961-7427 today to speak to someone from our team. Click the “Ask Us” button on the left to send us an immediate message.

Atwoodz: One-Day fix

Atwoodz has created a working module in response to the USPS API Update from July 28th, 2013.  It takes approximately 8 hours to complete, and we can have your site back taking orders the same day. Call us right now at (800)961-7427 to discuss the options and speak to one of our specialists. We offer the only warranty in the business; 6 full months of full support for all eCommerce development projects.



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