Article from Website Magazine – “E-Commerce Software in Action”

This is an article stressing the importance and need of e-commerce software taken from Website Magazine’s May 2010 issue. Of course, we have had these points well addressed for the past couple of years, but just to reiterate what we have been preaching for years…… And don’t forget E-Commerce Software in Action, by Peter […]

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Shopping Cart Software – You Get What You Pay For

This is going to seem just like the previous article on hosting your site. But here is another error people make when running their online businesses….. Shopping Cart software. They spend a ton of time trying to make their site work with free software and expect to have money flowing in. Not gonna happen and here’s why……

The time people spend on developing software just gets it out the door. The effort that people spend on getting software to be applicable to a business takes a lot of time and money in order to make the software work. It takes communication with the a vast amount of ebusinesses that are diverse in their products, services and operations. It takes a team to create the software that is committed to constant revisions in the programming and a team that lacks an ego (very hard to find). And finally it takes a commitment to success that will post a challenge to the bottom line that you have worked for in the aforementioned points. That just so happens to be our mission statement and the thesis of this article.

There is a cost to all these operating expenses and to keep the software up to date…… and get this BUG FREE, you need to have revenue coming in the door, just like your client’s stores. This of it all this way; if you are not in the business model of making money, how do you expect to make a business software that makes your clients money?

Let’s take a look of some of the software that is out there.

osCommerce – Yes osCommerce is everywhere. It is the basis of ZenCart, CubeCart, C.R.E. Loaded, XCart, Magento, OSMax, and the list goes on. Some of this software you pay for, which is great! Others are for free and are nothings but problems for what they promise and how they falls short of their expectations. osCommerce is on hosting packages as a free install and there are a plenty of people out there pushing it on their clients as if it is easy to modify without an idea of programming. Without proper knowledge of programming the store isn’t going to give you the edge over your competition and the aesthetics of the site will make your delivery in the way of images and site layout look horrendous.

osCMax – If you want to host it somewhere else, good luck. It is free software, just as long as you host it with their company. So you are stuck. As a business owner you want options, and that just eliminates a major ability to more, if you are unhappy with your store and want to go somewhere else.

Magento – Extremely heavy and ridden with bugs. We do repairs on their store, upgrades, and additions with contributions. And it is a huge headache to get any of it done. The one thing that stands out is that it takes forever to test the store due to the load time, due to the heavy and cumbersome software. What does this all equal? More down time, because your store isn’t functioning for a longer period of time, which means that you are not making money. More money now has to be spent to fix that problems and get them corrected, and you will spend more money on the corrections, rather than have a working right from the start. This is software that boast a ton of features, but what good are they if the software does not work.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in online shopping cart software, take a look around, see who answers the phone at the programming companies for the software, what options you have, and the reviews on the software. […]

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Hosting Your Web Site – Where not to go.

Everyone of us is trying to save money right now, you here about the economy and everyone’s monetary situation. Four years ago things were a little different, but a few things stayed the same in the way of penny pinching from then till now. One of them was the hosting of web sites (most hosting companies are still using the same software from four years ago too). Just as our techy toys have changed in that time, so has the web and more so.

More and more, online software is becoming the prevalent way to manage data and business. Keeping your information online and running certain parts of your business online, they all require resources from a server, just as your PC does. So ask yourself, “Why do I run my business with a computer that is five to ten years old?”

Now ask yourself, “Why would anyone have a server that is five to ten years old?” There’s plenty of companies out there that have them. And there are even more people that buy into these companies, that have businesses that rely on the web for revenue. And you see them a lot more than you think. Script errors, slow page loads, and sites that just don’t perform up to snuff are some of the symptoms. What is the result of this….? Loss of revenue.

So what do you do so you don’t have a business that is losing you money 24/7 365? Think about what you pay for is what you get, just like anything else in life. A great example of all of this is when you register a domain name at They offer you hosting for a year for a very low price. Now, how many times does the page not load while you are on GoDaddy’s site? They use Windows servers, which are great for an intranet set up, but not for the web, which Linux servers are great for. Why does GoDaddy have this kind of hosting set up for their own site?

Cause they are a domain registrar and they are great at it, nothing more.

They also have reseller programs as well and the affiliates will offer all the services GoDaddy has. This really can get someone started off on the wrong foot. Not only do you have a site hosted on a server that doesn’t have the proper software, configuration, and resources, but also you will have a hell of a time trying to get a hold of the reseller.

There are other companies out there that are even a bigger problem, and they are flat out hosting companies. to call out one of them we have had to bring web sites over to our servers, because of the total lack of software, proper configuration, resources and technical knowledge from the company itself.

So now comes the next question, “What do I do to get a server that will be able to handle my business’ needs?”

Call around. Easy as that. First you’ll talk to sales and they usually answer the phone pretty quickly, but then you need to try to get a hold of support. If they do even have a phone number, see if they answer. The cheap priced hosting companies are not going to have a phone number. So any of your questions, you’ll have to send an e-mail and wait for Mumbai or some little kid in a Chinese sweat shop to wake up and get back to you on them.

Of course we are going to promote our own premium hosting services for your business. We have put together a great deal of depth of knowledge into our systems, to deliver a hosting solution that is on the cuff of the latest technology. We don’t even use your typical web servers, we use systems that are loaded to the max with memory, disc space, and the latest software and configurations. Minus the software and configurations, we can use them for gaming servers as well.

With all this in mind, you have a little bit to go on when you are looking for your platform for your business to be supported by. Good luck and please feel free to contact us with any questions. […]

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