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Emergency Website Services

Emergency Website Services

Atwoodz offers 24 hour website recovery services. Whether you didn’t pay your GoDaddy hosting and they deleted your site and files, or your site was hacked, we can get your web presence back up. In some cases the worst results can be expected and your site and files are lost for good, but in most cases there is some sort of way to get everything back up and running again. In those hopefully situations, there are backups unbeknownst to you that are either hosted by your hosting company or a development company happened to hang on to everything. If your site was hacked, there is a great chance of recovery, and Atwoodz knows where to look to find out where that malware is and then repair your site.

In most cases a WordPress site that runs on software and code that is available to everyone gets a malware injection trying to capture money for some offshore account by creating fake PayPal pages or some sort of trusted source that people feel comfortable giving up their credit card information to. We go into the site and find those files and the code, remove it, repair what needs to be repaired, and then secure the site with updates and patches to prevent the injection from happening again. Usually these instances are not too big of a deal. But in some cases, the site has been hacked so long that Google and other search engines, firewalls, and browsers are notified of the compromise and will start blocking the site from being viewed by potential site visitors. We will also notify the parties blocking the site from being viewed and then submit a review to them after we have cleansed the site of any malware. 

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Need to get your password to your admin area? We can also reset that info too. We have clients that come to us that bought new computers or devices and their passwords were stored in the browser of the prior device. Or they just forgot. We’ll go in through either a database or some other means and reset the password, so you have access to your CMS system, store admin, or business operations system.
We also offer speedy SSL expiration and initial installation services. Your site’s hosting and Google rankings should be tied to an SSL providing a secure connection with your customer’s data being transferred through your site/store/system and they do expire. If your SSL does expire and you are in need of getting that red warning message that says “visit site at your own risk” off of your URL, we can have that taken care of within the day and get your business back up and running pretty quickly.

There is a list of last minute issues that clients come to us with that are emergency issues that can be a detriment to an online business or web presence. Contact forms that have the wrong email addresses that they send the form information to, as well as broken form plugins with WordPress happen all the time. There are also last minute events that need to get posted in order to inform your audience of the latest goings on for your business. That’s usually when you can’t find your web developer to get those items posted or your CMS is failing you.

So whether it is your opensource software that was hacked, broken code that is taking down your system, a WordPress plugin conflict, or other emergency security issues, you can call or fill out our contact form and Atwoodz will get your website and business up and running.