Google Ads

What is Google AdWords?

AdWords is Google’s flagship advertising product. AdWords offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and site-targeted advertising for both text and banner ads. The AdWords program includes local, national, and international distribution. Google’s text advertisements are short, consisting of one title line and two content text lines. Image ads can be one of several different Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standard sizes.

Instant, Targeted, Affordable Traffic!

The affordable advertising rates made possible by Google AdWords give businesses of any size and any age to compete right up there with some of the hottest eCommerce companies online today.

However, if you have advertised on Google before, or know someone who has, you would know that creating a successful Google AdWords campaign is much more challenging than it sounds.

Issues often arise with inactive keywords, disapproved ads or keywords, high cost per clicks, low visibility, not to mention the frustrations involved in maintaining an account.

At Atwoodz our AdWords specialists can help you tailor an AdWord campaign to your needs so you can get targeted, affordable traffic FAST!