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Essential and Non-Essential Business Coronavirus Web and Digital Tips

coronavirus remote web design

Atwoodz LLC knows that the business world and entire world for that matter, has changed in a few weeks. We are open and can best serve you and your customers with our remote website design, software development and digital services. We can also help to extend these services to keep the health of your employees, customers and your business at the optimal amount through these extreme circumstances. Some businesses have shut down completely for a temporary period of time, and if that time extends too long, some businesses will permanently shut down. Atwoodz has been through economic downturns before. We started when the tech bubble burst and 9/11, and then through the recession in 2008, so we know a thing or two to keep a business going and doing it safely with your community’s health in mind. 

Just like that statement above, we can also extend these types of communications as well as operational practices to you and your business in these trying times.

Here are the tips that are low cost to you that you can implement immediately to either gain business or impede the negative effects on your business of the slowed economy that we are all suffering from.

Communicate with your audience!

Most consumers are questioning everything right now. Even if the world will be here tomorrow, in some cases. So give them some certainty by stating on your website that you are:

  1. Open and still in business. If all your services are available, state this all in one simple sentence.
  2. If you are open, but offer limited services. State what you still are able to provide for your customers, so they have affirmations of what they can receive from you. You can also list what you do not have as services, if you are inundated with phone call questions and it is slowing down your operations.
  3. If your hours are changed and limited, make that highlighted. People have limited time to leave their house, so they will be disappointed if they get to your establishment and they find it closed.
  4. If you are closed, state that too. Use social media to keep your customers informed and state that on your website that you will be utilizing your social media feeds with updates.
  5. Health – if you are open, let people know what steps you are taking to keep your offices and property safe for customers to visit. If you are shipping products and they will arrive to your customers’ locations, let them know that you are going to sanitize the products and packaging. Also let them know how they can keep safe and healthy by utilizing your services.

Remote Office Solutions

If you have employees and they can work remotely, send them home! If you have not seen Zoom now on the news, we are sure you have seen LogMeIn, Skype (although it is a Microsoft product with their issues), GoToMeeting, etc. You don’t have to run the risk of getting yourself, your family, your employees, your employees’ families, and your customers and their families sick. This will just cause the shutdown to continue longer from a community and national standpoint, but it will also cause you all sorts of grief and problems in the short and long term.

If you need guidance or software to help you obtain a remote workforce, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you choose and set you up with the plethora of services out there to obtain the remote workforce. We can also help you maintain policies to make sure things are getting done from home.

Cut Some Costs

Now is also a time to take a look at what services you are not using while you are checking to see if you are using software suite to the fullest once you have read that last paragraph. If you have services and items that you are not using, cut them off and don’t waste the money. All sorts of services are being let go now because of the Coronavirus, so again, with all that time you have, take a look at your books and bank statements. See what is out there that is some fat on your business and cancel it. You shouldn’t feel guilty about it. You are not the only one and some services that are out there are the frivolous ones, so just reach out and turn it off. If you are in a contract, reach out and see if you can suspend services until your business is faring better than it is now. Most people will be sensitive to your needs. Other services (the essential ones) will probably tell you that they are in a bind too and need your patronage. Nonetheless, the only way to find out is to reach out. There may be other services that they can offer you to better your business that they have come across in the changed time.

Automate Manual Processes

Automation is something that Atwoodz LLC has been doing for years. Whether it is something as simple as getting online sales and monetizing your website into a online shopping cart with either your products or services or both, or leveraging the data you already have to program software to accomplish tasks that you currently have a manual process for. These can be times of an upgrade to your business and operations by making an opportunity of it with employees laid off or let go. The economy will bounce back and you can be well positioned for the deluge of business that will be coming your way as soon as COVID-19 is no longer forcing America to be shut down. 

You might already have some software in place that you have underutilized and now is the time to pay some mind to it and implement in your operation. So rather spend money on something that you don’t need to, take it for a spin with the additional quarantine time that you have.

We’ll be posting more articles in the coming weeks to help you navigate these different times and better your business or winterize it for those of you that cannot be open – unfortunately like so many of our clients and businesses here in Las Vegas. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime to get some answers or advice or services. We are here and open for you!