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Google Page Speed Optimization

Your website’s search ranking is determined by tons of factors and one of them is Page Load Speed. Google introduced this criteria in 2016 and started penalizing sites in 2017 as the industry adapted to the changes, all sorts of solutions came out to address slow loading websites, but there was no exact answer until 2018 on how to address the issues universally across the majority of sites’ issues, and only now, the specifics are easily identified. Atwoodz now offers site speed programming solutions that will help your site load to the new Google Search Ranking standards. Rather than give our customers a large blanket solution that might or might not solve their particular site speed issues, we now have the specifics of what your site will need to meet the new speed standards for page load.

The idea behind the Google Page Speed algorithm is to get information to the user as fast as possible. And with all the media and content being fed to users today, sites can load a front page and landing pages up with a wide variety of information that will slow the users’ experience to a crawl. So holding site owners to a standard is not a punishment to the owner, but a convenience to the end user that wants to get their specific information fast and not wait minutes for a site to load. This keeps the site owners honest as well. So at the end of the day, sites have specific information targeting their users, rather than garbage that doesn’t pertain to a users search, making the owners’ sites much more valuable to their businesses’ wheel house. Now the search results have become much more qualitative and there is less noise that the user has to go through to find the results they were looking for. And in a time where there is so much noise and opinions out there, this page speed featured filters through the noise and pushes the general site with no direction to the bottom.

The real work comes down to programming the way content is delivered to the end user. You can minimize image sizes yourself that will be the most obvious way to increase your page speed, as well as video that will bring a user’s experience to a crawl in some cases. But there are also the styles that you use to brand your site and you don’t need to load these after the first time every time someone visits your site. So we have your stylesheet referenced just once in the duration of the user’s visit to your site, as well as compressing them to load the most used styles. Atwoodz also combines JavaScript with this as well. You might see the Minify JS or Eliminate render-blocking resources when you run a site speed report and wonder what that all is. It is how your images, layout, forms and some background services run off your server. We will go on there and use the same practices and similar technology that we use on the stylesheets to “minify” these features. Pretty much we are compressing these to feed the browser this information and speeding up the way this is rendered to the end user through the browser.

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