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One of our long time clients, Embroidery And Screen Works who have been on the modified osCommerce platform that we customized for them for years, needed a new solution that would give them a better experience for their end users. They also needed a solution that would give them a central admin area that managed the multiple web-storefronts that they have for each of their multiple clients that they customize apparel for. Limited by the osCommerce platform to being handcuffed to multiple admin areas, each managing their own stores, we utilized Magneto to consolidate all the admins into one single administration area. Not only was this ease of use for managing orders and customers, but also their products were now centralized, so they can be represented on different storefronts once already in the system.


As well as an ultra simplistic and clean contemporary design, the other addition to the customer experience was a responsive webstore that would be easily view on cross platform displays. Although the business model is business to business, most visits to a site will be on a mobile device and this added convenience to the customer’s browsing time to select items for their workplace. This also added value to the website’s search results on the search engines by having a native responsive platform that the engines favor in their mobile search, allowing for potential clients to find on their mobile devices without any doubt.