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Mobilize for the Mobile Life

The mobile movement is fully upon us and PC’s are no longer the only way to visit websites. The ease and ability to access any information needed at any time is particularly important in today’s busy society. If you haven’t optimized your site for mobile browsing or looked into developing an Android or iPhone App, give Atwoodz a call.

Today’s consumers have access to mobile apps wherever they go because they always have their phones on them. This means a consumer could have instant access to your site whenever they want. A mobile app by Atwoodz will add value to your company, its services, and products by helping you create a functional and creative way for customers to interact with your business.  With tons of features and customizable options you can design an app that meets your specific needs, as well as those of your customers.

The Gartner Group reported over 15 billion apps were downloaded in 2010, with estimated app store revenues reaching over $5 billion.  Microsoft statistics show mobile phone searches are expected to surpass desktop Internet browsing by 2014 and 29 percent of mobile users are open to scanning mobile tags (QR codes) to get coupons.  Another source, , stated mobile apps are expected to reach peek downloads by 2013 with the U.S. m-commerce market reaching $31 billion by 2016 and $119 billion globally. As you can see m-commerce is not just growing fast, it is exploding! These are just some of the several reasons that a successful business will want to optimize their site for mobile use and have a mobile app.

With the evolution of m-commerce it is imperative to include a mobile site as part of your business plan. Not only will you begin to create long-term relationships with active app users, but you will be ready for future innovations like the trending m-wallet, where you can pay for virtually anything with your cell phone using near field communication (NFC), thereby making your phone your wallet!

A recent press release from Google stated that after using a mobile phone to search for services, 61 percent of mobile users make calls to local businesses and the user’s experience on the mobile site directly affects their perception of the business.

If you are thinking about getting a mobile site, we can help you from start to finish. Our staff can help design and create a mobile website that offers a great user experience and features like click to call, click to-e-mail, mapping, QR codes, and social media integration.  Contact Atwoodz today to get started and be sure to find us on Facebook , follow us on Twitter and +1us on Google +  for all our latest news.