PayPal & Payment Module Support


osCommerce PayPal Support

PayPal has cemented itself as a top solution for online processing on osCommerce and other PHP-based eCommerce platforms, such as; Magento, Zen Cart, osCommerce, XCart, OpenCart, CRELoaded and many others! When customers are looking for the fastest and most simple payment integration for their ecommerce websites, they almost always choose PayPal after carefully examining all the options. Our osCommerce PayPal Support has always been recognized as the best in the business, with PayPal themselves contacting us for osCommerce and eCommerce PayPal support issues and integration. We can fix ay issue you are having with your PayPal checkout, or we can add PayPal to your checkout to use as a solution and/or alternative payment method.


eCommerce PayPal Support

Atwoodz was at the forefront of the industry when PayPal was new, and just starting to offer online processing for eCommerce transactions. We are still the eCommerce PayPal Support leader, and we are happy to work on the advanced PayPal options that are now available for our clients. PayPal offers many advanced options for taking payments directly on your site, without your customers needing to visit a PayPal site to complete the order. Using PayPal, you can also accept phone payments, recurring payments, and many other exciting features that make PayPal a viable solution for eCommerce business owners and managers.  PayPal’s Bill-Me-Later feature is amazing for increasing sales, with an average increase of 20% for online sales after integrating and advertising the Bill-Me-Later financing options on eCommerce websites.


Whether PayPal is your only option, or just one of your payment options; our eCommerce and osCommerce PayPal support will be the best decision you ever made for your website. Call us today at (800) 961-7427 or Use the Atwoodz request form: Support Request