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osCommerce Email Tracking & QuickBooks Integration

Atwoodz has been working with Mail Chimp to help our clients send our amazing email marketing campaigns; we are now offering full eCommerce tracking and automated lead import/export from your eCommerce website. The great options below are available.

eCommerce 360: osCommerce Email Tracking

Mail Chimp by itself is a great program, but tracking the sales and ROI for your email campaign can be difficult. Do you REALLY know how much you are making on your email campaigns? Are you losing money? Stop guessing and start using the Atwoodz eCommerce email tracking system; get the real data by tracking the visitors from the moment they click on your email, through their purchase. With the Mail Chimp eCommerce 360 tracking plug-in integrated with your eCommerce website, you will see the exact items and prices of purchases that result from the emails that you send. Can be used on an PHP-based shopping cart; such as Magento, Cre-Loaded, etc… Call us today to hear all the great benefits of the eCommerce 360 system.

Atwoodz Leads 360: Auto-Feed your Leads

Using Mail Chimp to send marketing emails to customers has never been easier. The Atwoodz Leads 360 system will automatically export the list from your eCommerce website into your Mail Chimp account. We can even custom set-up your list to create a separate list for customers that signed up, but didn’t actually purchase. We call these the “prospect list,” they often need an email with a special offer to push them to complete their purchase. Our proprietary system is the fastest and least invasive to your website; not needing to alter your website’s shopping cart is part of what makes our system the best there is. The Atwoodz Leads 360 system takes the hassle of manually exporting and importing your customer lists into Mail Chimp; and using the Mail Chimp system gives you the great looking emails and a much higher probability of reaching your customer’s inbox.

Custom Email Templates: Make them Professional Grade!

Atwoodz looks at email campaigns as if you were sending out your best salesperson to your customer’s front door. If you were going to send a salesperson to your customer’s office; wouldn’t you expect them to be clean, professional and courteous? You should expect, and get the same from your emails. Have one of our amazing designers create a professional email template for your business, that you can use over-and-over again. We can create seasonal, clearance, newsletter, or any other sort of template that your business can use to increase revenue from your current customer list. Don’t send out unorganized and unprofessional emails ever again; increase your advantage by combining our great templates with our other custom Mail Chimp integrations. Increase your ROI today, contact us for more info.

QuickBooks ezOSC Integration Software

QuickBooks Integration with osCommerce & ezOSC Software! No third party software required.  Save time by automatically downloading orders from eCommerce and ezOSC Store software. “QuickBooks Connect” will create an Excel file that can be imported into QuickBooks! Eliminate the complexity and work involved with adding, updating or retrieving customer information and orders manually.

Synchronize your eCommerce and/or ezOSC Stores with QuickBooks!

  • Easily update and manage your books!
  • Technical Software Support (Five Emails)
  • 1 Hour training by phone and screen share for set up and sync. (Additional phone training available — call for hourly rate)
  • Software Setup and Installation within your ezOSC/eCommerce store Included!
  • and More!

**QuickBooks Bookkeeping software not included. “QuickBooks Connect” integration software synchronizes with ALL U.S. QuickBooks versions (2002 – Present).


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