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SEO to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

If you’re reading this then it means you probably have at least a base understanding of what social media and social networking is. You probably at least have a Facebook profile.

If you’re more learned in social networking, some of your day’s activities may have consisted of stumbling one of your blog posts, digging a couple articles, posting a bulletin, changing your status update and retweeting a Guy Kawasaki article. However, did you know that no matter what your social media experience, that you can optimize your social networking profiles so that more people can find you?

Just as if you were doing search engine optimization for your website, the first thing you must do to optimize your social media networks is to research. You have to find a niche and decide what keywords you want to use. Try to use as specific as keywords as possible and narrow in on these. The longer the keyword you can focus in on, the more likely you’re going to be found. For example, “discounted hotels in Midtown Atlanta” is going to offer you a much better chance of getting found then just “hotels.”

Next, of course you want to start implementing SEO to your social networks. One thing to keep in mind is that when including links on your social networking profiles, like Twitter, these sites often put a “no follow” attribute on the link. This basically means that most search engines will ignore the link when filtering through content.

Although some of your social networking profiles and information can be found in general search engines, you are ultimately optimizing to be found within that particular social network’s search engine. Twitter for example is quickly becoming known for it’s search box that provides up-to-the-minute search results. With Facebook, although it can be difficult to optimize the information in your profile, you can optimize the titles for search.

Ultimately, the important thing is to first research how to optimize each of your social networks. How to optimize your Twitter profile and posts is going to be completely different then how to optimize your StumbleUpon profile.

Secondly, and here’s the kicker, you have to deliver quality content that engages users. Optimizing your social networks for search engines won’t mean a thing if users don’t take action. Don’t create repetitive titles and posts that strike users as another marketing ploy. You have to give users a reason to friend you or follow you.

Once you’ve gained the trust of that network, only then can you successfully optimize your social media outlets.