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Where to find support for your oscommerce open source store

OsCommerce is a term that means “Open source Commerce”. The osCommerce was launched in Germany in March 2000. It has been developed by Harald Ponce de Leon — its founder and leader. It is currently powering many shops in the world. If you are planning to open up an online shop, then you can put osCommerce in your consideration. Online store front managers, basically owners have ample of choices to make their online store robust. It is a freeware and you can find more information at, easy to install and manage which makes it stand out among online software. It falls under the Weshop type. Ease of use and the developer support have all lead to the rise of OsCommerce as a preferred ecommerce platform for many businesses.

When installing the platform, there is a need to change a large number of attributes. What does an osCommerce installation require?

If your requirements are pretty ordinary and are not with something special then your osCommerce will be able to run on PHP 4.1+ enabled web server running on Linux, Solaris, BSD, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows environments.

Some advantages of using osCommerce system:

* It is easy to install and use, full-featured shopping cart using Php and MySQL.

* It supports a large number of products and categories since it uses an indexed database and can handle numerous products.

* A number of add-on modules are there to use and many more are in development phase and will be available soon.

Some weak points about osCommerce:
The only weak point of this ecommerce solution is that it needs technical knowledge to install and manage. People who are new to osCommerce may experience some trouble due to lack of technical knowledge. More technical knowledge is required to customize this store. Our company provides 24/7 paid support for oscommerce store and we develop customs module for it.

The services it offers are helping business owners in many ways, and are making it easier for them to concentrate on keeping their business up and running, while serving a constantly growing number of customers on a daily basis. It is serving both the business owner and the customer in ways that will only help E-commerce get better.

The services of an oscommerce development company can be classified into two: oscommerce design and oscommerce development.

1) osCommerce designing

Oscommerce designing includes the two: customization and programming. In customization, the programmers will tailor-fit the features of an oscommerce application based on client’s specifications. And while programming, the web development company lays down the foundation of the e-commerce application by installation and configuration.

2) osCommerce development

Oscommerce development focuses on integrating and upgrading. In this, the focus is on creating a virtual store over the internet which has the capacity for receiving online payments, ability to establish links with shipping companies for the facilitation of the delivery of goods, an automated inventory system and support services that will address client queries.

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