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Why Blogging Could Be Beneficial to You!

Blogging and micro-blogging has become a very positive source of networking and customer referrals for businesses. Blogging is a strong benefit of Organic SEO and can help your company move up in search engine results because it creates relevant informative and valuable content, the more people that find your blog interesting and valuable, the better chance they will have of subscribing to your rss feed bookmarking for later viewing and reference.

Now let’s imagine you have an auto parts business, and you have a blog, maybe not about auto parts, but about cars, or racing etc. You can write about this subject and relevantly cross-promote to your auto parts store. Users that are interested in cars/racing/etc. read your blog will be more inclined to trust your advice on auto parts.

Blogging can take several forms; video blogging, via sites like you tube, where you can provide informative how to sessions, or simple show and tell to help users become familiar with your company and products. Photo blogging through sites like Pinterest is the newest form of blogging and is catching on like wild fire! It allows you to “pin” pictures to your pin board and start a discussion.  “Journal” blogging, the original form, is still the most popular. With sites like WordPress, you can include pictures, videos, and even sell products.

So, how is your blog found, after all, there are millions out there? Through many ways, such as; Search engines, Links, RSS feeds, and more.  Many times, instead of browsing the internet blindly for news, weather, special interests, or discussions, RSS feed readers are used.  An RSS feed reader lets the user “subscribe” to a blog they find while browsing the internet. RSS feed readers are often read daily because the user is “fed” only the information that they are interested in and want to know about.

Most RSS readers also offer a search feature so if a user is interested in blogs about cars, or a specific type of car, let’s say an Audi R8, and you have a blog about this topic, most likely it will display in the search results. If the user then views your blog and finds value in the information or content they will subscribe to your feed, so anytime you post something new they will see it when they open their feed reader. Pretty simple yeah?

Remember, if you want to drive traffic to your site and increase your click through rate your content/information must be engaging. By writing consistent, useful, and informative blog content that readers will want to subscribe to, Tweet about, share on their Facebook, pin to their Pintrest board and talk about with their friends, you can have a successful and valuable blog.